Welcome to ClipMemo, your go-to app for creating memos based on audio and video clips (from local or online). Here, you'll learn tips and tricks to make ClipMemo an invaluable part of your workflow.

Why ClipMemo

We're living in an era of bite-sized consumption[^1], with video emerging as a dominant medium. Consider the balance between your consumption of videos and text—where does the scale tip?

You can easily find videos on platforms that pique your interest, offering deep dives into subjects you want to explore. But have you found yourself falling into a "bookmark trap"?

Think back to the last video you watched. Maybe it was an intriguing factoid. Do you remember it?

If so, how about the video you watched yesterday? Do you remember that one?

And if you still do, what about the video you found fascinating a month ago? Can you recall its contents?

Chances are, you don't.

Research indicates that constant consumption of short videos can affect memory retention. While text-based tools for learning and memory enhancement abound, they often overlook the importance of audio and video. We created ClipMemo to amplify the benefits of video, break the bookmark trap, and stitch fragmented knowledge into a cohesive personal database.

Our Goal

  • Extract knowledge from bite-sized informational videos
  • Serve as a video memo pad, preserving special clips for later reference
  • Aid in language practice by capturing high-quality expressions while watching shows
  • Facilitate video-based education by highlighting key points to share with learners

Our Non-goal

  • Digest deep, note-intensive videos like Stanford's online courses—we recommend using specialized note-taking software
  • Amplify the benefits of fragmented knowledge: after all, fragmented is still fragmented, and deep understanding in any field requires systematic, long-term study
  • Serve as a simple notepad
  • Perform audio and video editing

Community and Support

If you encounter any issues, you can reach out to us or seek help from the community.